Restaurant Bellevue A la carte menu

A la carte Menu


Mushroom soup with fried mushrooms and bacon

Smoked salmon with pickled radishes and dill mayo

Crispy chicken with mango chutney and aioli

Main courses

Grilled Duroc pig with pimentsauce, french fries and garnish of the day

Entrecôte (225g) with fries, garnishes and bearnaise sauce
(+ kr. 25,-)

Parmasan baked haddock with petit potatoes, cauliflower and grilled lemon beurre blanc


Bleeding chocolate cake with blackberry sorbet

Cheese plate with local cheese from Naturmælk

Dessert plate of the day


1 dish: 235,- / 2 dishes: 325,- / 3 dishes: 415,- / 4 dishes: 505,-
(Only 1 main course)

Information about allergens is available by contacting the service