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Meetings and conferences in Sønderborg

Meetings and conferences
in Sønderborg

Let Hotel Sønderborg Strand be the backdrop for your next meeting or conference. We have meeting and conference facilities to suit gatherings of just a few participants, right up to 498 visitors.

The perfect setting

Hotel Sønderborg Strand offers optimal facilities for conferences and meetings, no matter how big or small.

Our central location means easy access for your meeting or conference guests, no matter where they are travelling from. There are even great direct flight connections to and from Copenhagen.

We are based in attractive natural and historic surroundings, with potential to challenge each other and your team in a number of activities that will bring a smile to the face and reinforce your collaborations.

Spoil your guests

Of course, we will also provide refreshments for your event, no matter whether all you need is some coffee, or you also want to provide a tasty lunch.

Contact Chief Receptionist Dorit P. Møller ( and let her put your next event together, to ensure a fantastic experience for your guests.

Alternative meetings

Thanks to our location right by the beach in an area of natural beauty and historic interest, you have the opportunity to challenge each other and your team in a number of activities that will improve social cohesion, bring a smile to the face, reinforce your collaborations and will help you towards new shared success stories.  Some of the things you could try:

  • Dinner at Sønderborg Castle, either in the Tapestry room or the Knights’ room 
  • Company picnic - packed lunches outside
  • Shake a drink
  • Grill event
  • Beer and wine tastings
  • Billiards and darts tournaments